Media Corp PTY LTD
ABN 13 006 406 097
Post Office Box 1344, Bendigo VIC. 3552
Mobile: 0427 355 675
Facilities include Vision and Audio Mixers – studio or location optional, HD Cameras and audio solutions for any project, In-house Editing facilities, High Speed Upload capacity via BDSL Direct Link.
Media Corp was created in 1986 by founding partner and Executive Director Denis English.
As well as producing television commercials and programs, the company has more recently created Bendigo IPTv – a web delivered TV style alternative.
Bendigo IPTv’s commercial content and 100% local programs are designed to fill the void in local TV programming and is delivered download free to Telstra customers with a web connection.
Media Corp staff also offer expertise in shooting, editing, graphic design, animation, web design, strategic planning & marketing, program development, creative writing and still photography.
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